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Child Growth Tracker

The best growth tracker for Android™

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Child Growth Tracker

Child Growth Tracker

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Never worry whether your child is growing the way they should be! With the top growth tracker app for Android™ you have all the growth data you'll need right at your fingertips.

After needing to track percentiles for both my kids and not finding many good options for doing so that were easy to use, accurate, and included gestational age curves; I decided to make my own. Now, it is a top-rated app with dozens of growth curves used by parents and doctors worldwide.

Five Stars

"Perfect, especially for those who have a premature baby, since it shows the curves at the corrected age!"

"Perfectly simple. No required account sign up, no coupons, no notifications about forum posts, just growth charts. Easy, intuitive data entry. The charts are very insightful. Allows data export. Thank you!"

"It's great! It lets you compare your child's development according to different standards. Love it!"

"The app is remarkable for its user-friendly interface and its ease of use." - Free Apps for Me


All the essential growth tracking features, none of the fluff

Corrected Age for Preterm Babies

Cloud Backup


Accurate LMS Method

All the Charts*

Generate PDF Reports

Charts up to 18 years old**

Growth Projection

Import/Export CSV Files

Plot Multiple Children

Custom Colors (Colorblind-Friendly)

Add a Photo

*More than a dozen common charts from around the world. Missing one? Contact us and we can usually add it!
**Maximum age depends on which chart is used. See the percentiles page for details.

Five Stars

"This app has been so helpful! Our son has struggled to gain weight since one month old. This app has given us the ability to constantly track how he compares to the standard WHO and CDC curves."

"This is the app you want! It's easy to input data for multiple children and you can choose to plot it on various growth charts (WHO, CDC, WHO-CDC, Swedish, Spanish)"

App Versions

Choose the version that fits your needs.

  • Free Version
  • Track unlimited children with local storage
  • Cloud backup for up to 4 children
  • Sharing with up to 2 other users
  • Plot with corrected age for premature babies
  • WHO, CDC, Pre-Term, and more than a dozen other curves
  • Combo charts (WHO-CDC and more)
  • CSV Import/Export
  • Growth projection
  • Plot multiple children
  • Free!

  • Get it on Google Play
  • Pro Version
  • Track unlimited children with local storage
  • Cloud backup for up to 100 children
  • Sharing with up to 100 other users
  • All Features of the Free Version
  • UK90 and WHO-UK90 Growth Charts
  • No Ads
  • Support Priority
  • $ 2.99

  • Get it on Google Play

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