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Privacy Policy

Summary: Your data belongs to you. We do not collect or use any of the data you enter in the app.

  • Data you enter in the app is never transmitted or shared without your consent.
    • If you choose to sign in (optional) your data will be backed up securely and privately in a Firebase Cloud database.
    • If you save an image of a chart or export a CSV file you may share that if you want, we just don't do that for you.
    • If you report a bug (thanks!) or suggest a feature with the "Send Feedback" option your message is sent to us, along with some basic information (which version of the app you have, what version of Android you use, and what language and country your device is in). You can optionally include a screenshot to help your report, but it is not required.
  • If you haven't signed in, your data is stored on your device in a private database, using the Android system protections to prevent other apps from accessing it.
    • If you have enabled Android backup, this database will be backed up to the location you have selected (often Google Drive) along with all your other apps.
    • Data about each child (name, date of birth, etc) is non-cryptographically deobfuscated in the database (not stored as plain text).
    • If you are not using the built-in cloud backup, it is your responsibility to ensure that your data is backed up somewhere. We provide a convenient CSV export feature to help with this.
  • Your data belongs to you - everything you enter in the app can be exported to a CSV file for you to use however you like.
  • We show a couple of banner ads using Google AdMob to keep the app free (the paid version does not include any ads).
  • Members of the European Economic Area (EEA) have the option of selecting personalized or generic ads.
    • What does this mean? Jane Smith has an Android phone and uses her Google account to log in to the Play Store and download this app. To show personalized ads we would ask AdMob "send us a banner ad for the current user (Jane Smith)" and AdMob would use whatever information Google has about Jane Smith to send an ad. For a generic ad we would ask AdMob "send a generic banner ad".
    • There are ads either way, and they will likely be more interesting to you if you choose the personalized option.
  • The data you enter in the app is never used to determine which ads to show or passed on to advertisers, Google, or anyone else.